One platform. Myriad ESG

Built in right into the Manaos platform, our Open ESG marketplace
empowers investors and asset managers to sift through, test and subscribe
to suitable ESG datasets and services. Empower your portfolio at the
touch of a button.  

As simple as plug & test & play

1. Upload the portfolios you wish to get scores for

2. Sift though and test solutions from leading ESG providers with free trials and limited engagement.

3. Get scores at portfolio-level and asset-level in minutes instead of months.

Pro tip: choose to receive portfolio-level aggreated scores through widgets and PDF reports and/or to ingest asset-level scorings via API, SFTP or manually.

Accounting Governance Risk Supplementary Data


Identify potential accounting irregularities that may go undetected by traditional research methods.

ESG Fund Metrics EU Sustainable Finance


Get access to both SFDR Adverse Impact and EU Taxonomy Alignment data and metrics

Global Sanctions


The Global Sanctions screens are designed to serve investors looking to identify companies that may not meet relevant regulations in specific countries

Implied Temperature Rise


The Implied Temperature Rise metric provides an indication of how companies and investment portfolios align to global climate targets